The property inspection reports


homePad, which has become the leading paperless property inspection report application, is now a multitasking application that is dedicated to property rental activities for real estate professionals.

Discover the “key” feature of the application that allows users to perform + 150,000 property inspections per year.


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Simple and professional management of your property inspection reports

icon-funct_03Saves time

icon-funct_05Simple and comprehensive

icon-funct_07High quality reports

icon-funct_09Secures your operations and reduces litigation risks

icon-funct_11A differentiating tool

A simplified and secured property inspection report – a precious time saver (+50%) homePad™ allows you to perform your incoming and outgoing property inspection reports in a simple and intuitive manner, witj a guided “step-by-step”  process and this even allows you to send a signed PDF report – using a secure electronic signature – by email.

The application supports all relevant data during property inspections in order to produce a complete and a secure summarized report at the end of the visit, for the digital signature of different parties. homePad guides the real estate agent and the tenant so that nothing is missed from handing over the keys up until various meter-readings. Above all, property inspection itself is managed room by room, item by item, with the possibility to add parts, descriptions and positive or negative comments at any time and then completing each of them with a maximum of three photos. Adding photos can be done within an overall limit of 250 photos per report. Ideal for materializing a task on the wall, for example.

To sum up, it is more than 50% of time saving for conducting a property inspection.

High quality reports, enhanced with images

Following an analysis, it is learnt that homePad is the only application that automatically generates the screen. The PDF report is laid out in “colors” in the professional mode. This provides the attendees with a clear and distinct reading of the analysis, with its renowned, numbered and date/time stamped images.

The “ultra-simple” ergonomic way of thinking to facilitate its handling and daily use.

Once a property inspection has been carried out with homePad, nothing is more simple and faster than sharing an “existing” file to create another property inspection. The process takes a few seconds and thus enables to do a quick and easy comparison between two property inspection reports.

homePad also provides great flexibility with its use because all dropdown lists (libraries) and texts are customizable.

An advantage of flexibility and security for real estate professionals

Can be edited directly in PDF format upon completion of a property inspection. The document generated by homePad is much more reliable and pleasant than a series of notes scribbled by hand.

Moreover, it is secured with a digital signature feature for all attendees during the visit. Furthermore taking pictures greatly reduces sources of conflict or potential litigations.

Ultimately, many of its features dedicated to property inspections should make homePad a companion at all times for the vast majority of landowners and professionals in property rental management and leasing.