Summary of charges


What if the property inspection reveals the need to do a carpet change, a gasket repair, or a repainting? The homePad application has advanced features that allow you to list all the damages of the rental property that were caused by tenants and directly send an “financial” summary of all the due expenses.


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Simple and professional management of your property inspection reports

funct-icon-3_03homePad allows you to do an immediate and automatic comparison
funct-icon-3_05homePad adds, summarizes and consolidates all the expenses that should be borne by the tenant in one document.

funct-icon-3_07This summarized report of charges can be sent to the tenant.

Sort the damages, compare, summarize and calculate the costs (if you need to!) With its dynamic interface, the homePad application allows addressing general conditions, and dissociate obsolescence and damages that were noted, through a “step-by-step” approach when carrying out property inspections. If a problem is found on a built item or furniture, it is possible to address this at an outgoing property inspection (or at the pre-assessment), and especially, without waiting, it is also possible to set the degree of responsibility of the tenant.

On the outgoing property inspection report, the user will be able to notify how such damages will be covered by the tenant under various available and customizable scenarios, and that with or without cost calculation.
For example, you find that the apparent deterioration of a watertight seal, which costs € 50 and you think that the tenant should bear up to 50% of the cost. By entering this information, you allow homePad to instantly add the sum of € 25 to the remaining amount owed by the tenant, which will be counted in their guarantee deposit. This information can be edited through a PDF document that is called “Summary of expenses” or “Outgoing Convention”. This document can be edited and sent directly to tenants at the end of a property inspection. If similar problems multiply, the application quickly reveals your best ally to keep a true and accurate accounting.

A summary that can bring up the cost calculations or not, and that the tenant can receive. Subjected to or not subjected to the presenting of quotations or invoices, the unpleasant surprises experienced by the tenant two months after leaving the property is just a bad memory! As soon as the property inspection is completed, the tenant indeed knows already what to expect as the final amount that will be charged to them and deducted from their guarantee deposit. Also note that homePad application also manages the possibility of a disagreement. Thanks to an option that can be checked, the tenant, if they do not agree with the amounts proposed but nevertheless wants to validate their presence at the property inspection may affix their electronic signature on the document without which it would be treated as an acknowledgment of debt.

The report on due charges is only one of the many features offered by homePad.