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Our partnership program

After three years of successful expansion in French spoken European countries, homePad is starting a new partnership program to expand its successful activities in Europe, USA and Asia.

homePad is looking for partners who are digital leaders (property portal, software editor, ect.) and/or opinion leader (professional union, etc) in their market, and wish want to :

homePad partnership


  • Provide innovative services to their customers
  • Monetize their rental audience (or customers lists) easily with our unique product
  • Connect to our  leads management tool
  • Generate new recurring revenue from their customer’s base (revenue share).



Who we are ?

homePad ProhomePad is a Swiss innovative start-up created in 2012.

homePad is the first full-stack SaaS platform for rental activities – €13bn European potential market – a complete solution to generate and manage digital reports: property inspections, furniture inspection, task management, service provider management, tenant communication, etc.

homePad Pro is an intuitive iOS and Android mobile application connected to an advanced web platform. With more than 970 professional companies using daily homePad Pro, our business model is growing in Europe and specially in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg & Denmark (2017).


What are the customer benefits from our solution?


icon-funct_03Saves time
icon-funct_05Simple and comprehensive
icon-funct_07High quality reports
icon-funct_09Secures your operations and reduces litigation risks
icon-funct_11A differentiating tool

The benefits for the clients are important. Our customers segmentation start from  individuals property owner professionals in the rental or property management (real estate agent, property manager, public housing, student resident, etc), the benefits of homePad Pro include :

  • saving time (up to 60% for each inventory)
  • generate high quality report
  • avoid disputes between tenants and landlord or owners
  • easy to use
  • competitor differentiation for professional.

The business model created by homePad is fully adapted to the customers.


What are your benefits?

As partners, we propose to monetize your audience on your rental activities, and/or your customer specialist of rental fleet.

  1. Provide innovative services to your customers or rental audience
  2. Monetize your rental audience /or strong customer’s relationship, easily with our unique product
  3. Connect to our plug and play leads management tool
  4. Generate new recurring revenue from your customers base


What kind of Partners are we looking for?

HomePad is looking for strong partners with real legitimacy on homePad’s target markets, it can be  digital leaders (property portal, software editor, etc.) or professional real estate organizations.

homePad is looking for growing is business on the different four major market that are : property owner, real estate agent & property manager, social housing, and student resident.

Countries presently available for partnership (other countries available on demand)

  • Germany
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Netherland
  • Sweden
  • Croatia
  • ASIA
  • USA


How the partnership works ? What is the time-frame ?

Once the deal is signed, we propose to assist you in setting up various tools and actions plans (marketing, communication, etc.). The main goal will be to create and send marketing campaign to our customers segment.

This setting up could take around 1 months to be fully operational and start generating money.


Our partners in Europe

    Immotop-luxembourg   Lokalebasen

Let’s start our future collaboration by sending us your contact details