The furniture inventory report

Did you know?

The homePad application easily manages the furniture inventory during a property inspection. This makes it an ideal tool for owners who rent furnished properties! Everything is listed: from furniture to teaspoons and household appliances.


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Simple and professional management of your property inspection reports

icon-funct-2_03An optional feature for furniture inventories
icon-funct-2_05homePad generates a PDF doc (with 250 images) and it a separate doc from the property inspection PDF
icon-funct-2_07A simplified procedure with a furniture library (+ 700 items)
icon-funct-2_09Monetary valuation of damages or breakage on the furniture

A new feature “furniture inventory”. Renting a furnished accommodation follows very specific constraints, and they are very different from those relating to unfurnished accommodation rental. Good news: homePad application, which is now available on digital tablets, supports incoming and outgoing property inspections for accommodations that are rented with all its furnishings (tables, chairs, beds, lamps, dishes, household appliances, linen etc.)

In the tab that is dedicated to every room of the house, the “room summary” section, which mainly consists details about the structure (walls, ceiling, floors, etc.), is now followed by another section that is called “furniture inventory”. With a simple click on the “Add furniture” button, the landlord, the agency or the owner can describe in detail the exact composition of the room, without forgetting anything!

A flexible and intuitive feature. The furniture inventory really makes sense during property inspections. The user then has the option to precisely identify all the furniture items or equipment, provide financial information of the object and their general condition, and take up to three photos of each of them.

This information will be effectively preserved and consulted at the outgoing property inspection report.

A missing or damaged furniture will inevitably be highlighted to the property manager or the owner.

If there is any difference or a problem, simply write a comment and assess the degree of responsibility of the tenant: this information will appear clearly in the generated PDF file at the end of the visit.