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homePad™ is an application that can be used to digitally perform inspections of rental properties. homePad™, which is available on Apple iOs and Android in Standalone or Pro versions, is the first application that is available on iPads and tablets that simplifies executing your rental tasks such as property inspections, generating outgoing conventions, furniture inventory, renovation works or building analysis reports. Without further delay, discover all the potential services offered by homePad™!

homePad™ allows you to fully dematerialize your property inspections for incoming and outgoing tenants in a simple and intuitive manner, with a guided "step-by-step" process and this even allows you to send a signed PDF report - using a secure electronic signature - by email.

No more documenting of property inspections, sources of inaccuracy and litigations. With homePad™ you can send readable, detailed reports that are enhanced with images (up to 250 images) to your customers who are lessors and tenants.

Finally secure your files on our Cloud. Thanks to its sync feature, you can back up your property inspection reports on a secure cloud at the end of the appointment, and thus use homePad™ even offline.

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homePad™is THE solution to improving the quality of your property inspection reports, lowering litigation risks and saving time. homePad™, which is fully customizable, can be adapted according to the nature of your business - be it a real estate agency, management office, landed property, subcontractor, bailiff, notary etc.) and according to your business software with an application update that matches with your needs.


Your homePad Pro application on iPads and tablets

  Simple and professional management of your property inspection reports

Property inspection report

homePad, which has become the leading paperless property inspection report application, is now a multitasking application that is dedicated to property rental activities for real estate professionals. Discover the "key" feature of the application that allows users to perform + 150,000 property inspections per year.

Summary of charges

At the end of the property inspection, homePad allows you to summarize rental charges chargeable to tenants. Nothing is more simple than summarizing minor repairs or consequential equipment replacements. homePad provides professionals with a clear summary of these accounting figures, with a possibility to assess the repairs. Sort the damages, compare, summarize and calculate the costs (if you need to!)

Furniture inventory

Did you know? The homePad application easily manages the furniture inventory during a property inspection. This makes it an ideal tool for owners who rent furnished properties! Everything is listed: from furniture to teaspoons and household appliances.

Tasks report

In progress construction  

Building report

In progress construction  
Landed property, student residence, realtor, property manager, subcontractor, institutional etc.

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Get a head start and use the best tool for your property inspections!

homePad PRO is available in 2 packages

Pay as you use

You manage few rentals

from 14.99€ / credits
  • - Free application

  • - - Suitable for 1 tablet per 1 user
    - 200 photos

Pro version

I manage multiple properties

from 59.90€ / month
  • With subscription
    Usage per user
    Direct billing from homePad

  • - Free application

  • - 250 photos per reports
    - Application customization (logo, etc.)
    - Storage and cloud backup
    - Hotline 5/7d
    - Quick starter with the training team
    - Access to advanced options

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Comme chaque année homePad sera présent au Congrès national de l’Immobilier organisée par la FNAIM à Paris. Du lundi 11 au mardi 12 décemb...


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Last week homePad France was hosting all the french digital RE players, members of FF2i Union (Federation Francaise de l'internet et de l'immobilier...

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homePad présent à RENT 2017

Pour la 4e année consécutive homePad sera présent au Salon RENT, qui se tiendra aux Grandes halles de la Villette à Paris 19eme, le 11 et 12 Octob...


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homePad France based at StationF

Since Monday 11th of July 2017, homePad France is based at Station F.

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